1. Last-Mile Delivery – Innovation & Transformation

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in conjunction with Linkline Journal is delighted to announce a half-day event dedicated to exploring the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly changing landscape of last-mile, with an emphasis on technology and innovation.

Some key industry stakeholders will deliver their insights: innovative logistics and technology companies, exciting delivery start-ups, solutions providers and retailers for a stimulating seminar filled with strategic discussions and forward-looking debate.

As consumers increasingly go online for ALL of their shopping needs, speedy fulfilment is now the normal expectation of every online shopping experience. For logistics and supply chain companies and their retail partners, it is one of the big challenges they face as they come under increasing pressure to reduce the cost of last-mile delivery and the associated carbon footprint the current system generates. Vendors and their transport partners are increasingly exploring new technologies and experimental supply chain models to increase parcel volume, make deliveries more efficient, keep customers happy – all while trying to cut costs.

What knowledge can be gained here?

• How to improve your business model by drawing on the experience of industry leaders who have adopted cutting-edge technology
• Improve customer relationships by strengthening your value proposition
• Be inspired by exciting projects & start-ups who are working on transforming the delivery industry
• Explore the different delivery models for expanding market share and increasing profitability
• What partnerships to seek out to succeed in today’s robust delivery climate

2. Aviation Infrastructure – Growth through Sustainability

The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport in conjunction with the Irish Aviation Students’ Association and Linkline Journal is delighted to host an evening seminar dedicated to exploring the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly changing landscape of Aviation Infrastructure.

This is a key industry event celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Dublin Airport that will debate the industry conundrum of balancing expected exponential growth with demands for more sustainable aviation practices and a reduction in carbon footprint.

Led by a keynote speech from the Minister of Transport on the role of aviation infrastructure in the development of Dublin Airport, the seminar will host high-level speakers on civil aviation infrastructure modernisation and development across airports, airlines and aviation enterprise.

The key theme will be on how the aviation industry will deliver expected growth while facing the growing challenge of moving to a more sustainable business model that reduces its carbon footprint. With airport infrastructure development planned globally to meet ever-increasing passenger numbers, how can it be achieved without negatively impacting the environment?

This event will outline the strategies and policies being considered and adopted by leaders in the aviation industry. Listen to future plans and the latest scenarios for airport development, including a focus on delivering infrastructure under the latest zero emissions targets and increasing airports’ sustainability credentials.

The event will bring together senior leaders from across the aviation industry to discuss the future direction for airport infrastructure development and expansion


3. Diversity in the Supply Chain

4. Leaders in Logistics

5. The National Garda Post Awards

The Awards are an occasion to highlight and celebrate the work of both serving and retired members of An Garda Síochána throughout their daily working lives and outside of their work in their communities. A portion of the proceeds of the event will go towards the work of the Garda Benevolent Fund who are the nominated charity of the event.

It is a feature of Irish life that many serving and retired members of An Garda Síochána play very active roles in social, sporting and charitable activities across the country. Many of them play leadership roles within these activities and a good few have made huge efforts across all parishes in Ireland to make a difference to the areas where they live.

The National Garda Awards in conjunction with the Garda Benevolent Fund were launched to celebrate these efforts and achievements by both serving and retired members of the force and bring a small amount of recognition to their volunteer work.

6. The Council Journal Innovation & Excellence Awards

7. The National Farm Safely Summit

8. Diversity in the Supply Chain

9. National Farm Safely conference